Dr Joseph Luxum

When torment begins comfort’s provided
When suffering breaks out you cannot fight it
But gently fall, like a leaf... on the silky pillow case
Ease you pain beside the fire or... in the fireplace
There is your escape unknown to your kin
To scholars of the unknown skilled in the unseen
They won’t find you there no matter what the ploy
Fire burns and kills, but not all, for you it’s to enjoy
The wicked fries and shrinks in pain
The righteous basks and welcomes the flame
The hidden truth is found in wind and thunder,
In tempest, in time of need, in thirst and hunger
When that fool laughs and bends in scorn
The wise keeps filling his barns with corn
New wine and bread grace his white spread
The golden lamp, the blue, scarlet and red
They mix with sparks of the golden lamp
The golden goblet runs over with wine
Never savored, exquisitely refined... it is mine
The chalice is mine, the table and spread
Those barns of corn and plenty of bread
Are legally mine, forever! I have increased, rose to my feat
My wealth and bliss can't be measured with yards and feet


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