Dr Joseph Luxum

Hungry for food I’ll give a morsel
Hungry for gold find pick and shovel
Hungry for fame then find some talent
Hungry for sex find yourself a spouse

In all other events roll up your sleeves
Fill your and your wife’s mouth with food
Feed your family and even your pet
Take a boat on water catch a fish or two

Thirsty for a drink, but not from your well
Thirsty, dry and parched may be your lips
But is your heart thirsty for more than a drink
Can it beat for others to the tune of justice

For little children; for black and white
For creeds you know and those deemed far out
Justice and mercy is the purest drink
It puts a smile on a sad face and soothes the soul

Don’t drink by yourself until you’re drunk
Don’t eat alone beyond your waistline
Don’t let each heartbeat lose even one beat
Please let it also beat for those in great need


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