Dr Joseph Luxum

Bound up with pride of this very short life
Shortening its span and quality even more
Bound up thoughts rush to bind up others
The unsuspected the innocent and still free

The need for company but only in the same
Is the drive yet unknown and yet unexplained
A truly free soul would never enslave
Another soul born free into this world

Only slaves make slaves on a massive scale
Bondage leads bondage, blind leading the blind
They fellowship in blindness within the confines
Of that ditch they fell into, which they hate to forsake

What else could they do but hate their bitter serfdom
Hearing the message of freedom so clearly declared
With many echoes it repeats itself but then it dies
Sunken into that ditch, into a swamp and quicksand

The sound of freedom slowly dissipates and then is no more
It joins those souls that longed for freedom but were sore afraid
To pay the price of nonconformity to stay unique and free
Amnesty’s proclaimed your prison bars swing open

The ransom note you’re reading now is not a contract
Nor punishment-carrying binding note, it carries no threats
No doom no gloom no fires of hell or a slave-master's whip
Instead of iron fetters I give you a feather light thought

Born when the Almighty created the Firstborn Word
By which He made all things free, unconscious of self
Free souls entered the dust and dust oppressed the soul
Free thought entered the brain and brain oppressed the thought

Oppression won’t cease for it spins around itself
The desperately unhappy ego cries for more of the same
The eluding gratification lacks the staying power
With a full-blown hope it yearns and aches for gratification

But it only spins around the beaten paths tread by many
They fell asleep with the hope that one day they will be set free
This hope for freedom resides only here where it’s needed most
In the sphere divine it needs not be for it comes here to liberate

This hope I speak of here carries an awesome force behind
Hope is only a door that leads into freedom’s corridors
It leads to bright light and the unconfined agility of thought
That stirs the inner regions and does make them unstuck

The bonding glue slowly dissolves when *codependency melts
The self-righteous trend, accusing voices, condemning thoughts
Ramble aimlessly they roam the waterless spaces of netherworld 
Seeking whom to devour and eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

It feeds on illusion while staying hungry, unsatisfied and with an appetite
For more of much the same repetitious aimless wanderings out there
In the world where freedom is unknown where bound-up souls roam
Where truth is rejected and it’s most glorious liberating force


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