Dr Joseph Luxum

Give time a chance to recover from its toils
Give time a respite and make it smile on you
From the point of creation in its infancy
Time was made for healing, bliss and vibrancy

One must not be ill to talk about health
One must not be sad to talk about joy
One must not taste wars to know peace
One must know time and how it feels

Time can be your friend if you treat it so
Or it can be like an unredeemed foe
In time nothing gets lost not even dross
The byproduct of fire and liquified gold 

Time is most precious when in its raw form
Time's no master and you're not its slave
Clock's arms are not whips hastening your end
Man made them and bound himself with

Give time some slack and it will thank you
With every turn of the wondrous planet
Shadows of nights and sun's ceaseless rays
Don't ever bind time and it will serve you well

Befriend time, breathe into it eternity
Defuse its gloom which you have imagined
The raw form of time, free and unconstrained
Turns space into grace thoughts into sunshine

Raw honey's the best unprocessed and unfiltered
So is time, which cannot be harnessed or bottled
Like a guardian angel watching over you
Time is the usher standing at the door

An escort to that royal seat prepared for you
Before time ever was, before matter appeared
Time came from no-time whence it will go
Clocks will decay and be no more


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