Dr Joseph Luxum

In the beginning was the word, but before the word there was no beginning
And before the beginning was another beginning, but of another realm
And this realm had no beginning for it always was; it evolves into spheres
To which one attributes no beginning and no end, but one listens and hears

Transcendent, not captured, not grasped; much less possessed by a mortal
Knowing start but not the finish; who drinks water and eats his daily morsel
Something endless does not translate into alphabet; numbers are fatal
The prod to define time come from its haste it thrusts upon its children

Suspended in time but time has emerged from the timeless realm of which
One thinks in finite ways unable to bypass blows of the time’s whip
Church clocks strike bells on quarters of each hour but they don’t know why
Man in lack of this commodity fell in love with time chasing it like a bride

Hopeful bridegroom seeks to marry time and find respite in its confines
But time eludes his ardent moves making him chase this most illusive bride 
Into obsession it drives his mind while senselessly falling in love with time
Your fathers fell prey to that same devious trap by chasing procurement
Of something money can’t buy


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